On September 10th 2016, groups of 100 participants met simultaneously over 22 countries in Europe. For a day, they sat at tables of 5 to 8 persons and worked on 5 different sequences covering 5 to 6 questions each. The results of those dialogues were presented to the ESA and at the International astronautical congress in Bremen in october 2018.

Discover the results for 22 countries, comparing to Europe.

About the method

Organized by Missions Publiques, the citizens’ debate on space for Europe consisted in bringing together groups of citizens reflecting the social and demographic diversity of each ESA member state. For a day, they were able to dialogue together on space-related issues.

Preliminary information
Before the debate, each participant is given a magazine on Space matters and a leaflet about ESA
Deliberation method
They can be summarized as: introductory videos, group discussions and votes
Demographic diversity
Selected citizens are representative of their country's diversity
A mix of participants
Citizens showed varying interests and knowledge about Space
Detailed analysis
The chosen methodology allowed stakeholders to compare the results between selected groups